Since 1966, ACYPL has organized and managed U.S. Department of State-funded exchanges for groups of emerging American leaders to travel internationally. We call these programs Outbounds.

Our first exchanges were with Western Europe and the former Soviet Union, but since then ACYPL has worked with 129 countries and territories around the world.

Outbounds consist of a bipartisan delegation of 7-9 leaders who are between the ages of 25-41, and are elected or appointed officials, or work in government, public policy, or business. An outbound delegation is led by an escort, an alum of a previous ACYPL exchange who has remained engaged with our work.

All outbounds start in Washington, DC, where delegations are briefed by the U.S. State Department, relevant embassy representatives, and ACYPL staff, before the group departs together for the exchange.

Delegations start their exchange in the capital city and visit 1-2 other cities to meet with government and elected officials, political party representatives, policy experts, and members of the business community, as well as visiting important historical sites.

ACYPL alumni include hundreds of current elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels, including Senator Dick Durbin, who traveled to the former USSR in 1979, and Governor Kim Reynolds, who traveled to Taiwan in 1995.

Past outbounds have met with an array of elected officials and policy leaders including sitting and future heads of state, mayors of major cities, cabinet members, leaders of think tanks and non-profit organizations, and members of the judiciary.

We also partner with the U.S.-Mexico Foundation on the U.S.-Mexico 360 exchange, which provides the opportunity for American leaders to travel to Mexico and learn more about local politics, trade, commerce, and foreign affairs.

This unique exchange seeks to deepen understanding about the vital U.S.-Mexico bilateral relationship.

Upon returning home, we consider all outbound delegates ACYPL alumni, joining a network of over 3,600 Americans in all 50 states, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico.

Are you interested in traveling on an outbound with ACYPL? Click here to learn about our nomination process.