Election Exchange

In every election year since 1968, ACYPL has run Election Exchange programs, bringing emerging leaders from around the world to the U.S. to experience American elections. This innovative program showcases the American democratic process to global leaders, connecting them with experts and officials in the U.S. and helping them to understand every facet of our election process.

All Election Exchanges start with a five-day primer in Washington, DC, where delegates talk with experts on topics including voter persuasion and mobilization, campaign finance rules, voter registration, candidate fundraising, and how local campaigns operate, among other issues.

Then the delegates travel to battleground states with closely contested state-wide, Congressional or Presidential elections where they get the chance to observe our electoral process up close by attending political rallies, touring campaign headquarters, observing polling places, and even meeting with some candidates. All the activities in the states are coordinated by an ACYPL alumni State Host, as they would be for any inbound exchange, but with a focus on the upcoming election.

Over the years, our Election Exchanges have traveled to electorally-important states including Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Florida.

Delegates have studied voter demographics with pollsters, learned about paid media with advertising experts, discussed voting trends among Latinos, chatted about the use of social media on campaigns, met with political journalists, and more. They’ve met candidates running for President, Senate, Governor, the House, and more, all in the lead-up to Election Day.

Interested in traveling on an Election Exchange or Inbound with ACYPL? Check out our list of Exchange Partner Organizations around the world and reach out to them. ACYPL does not directly select international delegates.

Are you an ACYPL American alum looking to get involved with our Election Exchange by hosting a delegation or helping to arrange meetings? Get in touch with us here!