Since 1966, ACYPL has organized and managed U.S. Department of State-funded exchanges for groups of international leaders from around the world to travel to the U.S. We call these programs Inbounds.

Our first exchanges were with Western Europe and the former Soviet Union, but since then ACYPL has expanded its work to 129 countries and territories around the world.


Inbounds consist of multi-partisan delegations of 7-9 emerging leaders who are elected or appointed officials, or work in government, public policy, or business. Some delegations are fluent in English and some travel with professional interpreters.

All inbounds start in Washington, DC where delegations are briefed by the U.S. State Department and their Embassy representatives, and also meet with a wide array of experts in fields related to politics, governance, and public policy.

After 3-4 days in Washington, inbounds then travel to 1-2 other states to learn about an additional region in the U.S., and are hosted there by an ACYPL American alum who we call a State Host.

There, the delegation will meet with more experts and leaders focused on that state or city– state legislators, local business community, non-profit leaders, and more. International delegates also learn about what makes the U.S. unique – from spending time with ACYPL alumni and friends at a backyard BBQ to attending a minor league baseball game or volunteering at a food bank.

ACYPL international alumni include Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who traveled to the U.S. in 1993, former UK Conservative Party Leader Michael Howard who traveled to the U.S. in 1970, former Chinese Premier Keqiang Li who traveled to the U.S. in 1988, and hundreds of current and former members of parliaments around the world.

Past inbounds have met with an array of elected officials and policy leaders including sitting and future U.S. members of Congress, governors, cabinet members, leaders of think tanks and non-profit organizations, and members of the judiciary.

Interested in traveling on an Inbound with ACYPL? Check out our list of exchange partner organizations in countries around the world and get in touch with them.

ACYPL does not directly select delegates for inbounds.