Nominees for Outbounds can only be submitted by ACYPL American alumni, members of Congress, and Partners.


An ACYPL nominee must be 25 or older but not yet 41 and is keen to learn about the International community and hear perspectives that are different from their own.
Typical nominees include:


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eligible age range?

Nominees must be 25 or older but not yet 41 years of age. 

What is the cost?

ACYPL programs are funded in large part by the U.S. Department of State. The personal costs for a participant include airfare to and from Washington, DC and gifts for their international hosts (more information on gifts will be provided if you are selected to travel).

If I work on Capitol Hill or in district Congressional office, am I eligible to travel?

No, not at this time due to Congressional ethics travel regulations.  

If I work for an Executive Branch agency, am I eligible to travel?

Yes, though each agency usually has its own internal approval process 

How long is my nomination considered active?

Each nomination is active for two years, and you can be renominated after that as many times as you wish, or until you turn 41, whatever happens first.  

How are international candidates nominated?

ACYPL is fortunate to have partner organizations around the world who identify candidates to participate in delegations visiting the United States. For interested international candidates, we recommend that you check out our list of partner organizations and get in touch with them.

What is the timeline for submitting a nomination?

You can submit anytime! We receive nominations on a rolling basis throughout the year 

What happens once a nomination is submitted?

Once a nomination is submitted online, the nominee receives a link to complete the required forms for consideration. Once the forms are submitted in their entirety, they are reviewed by the Delegate Selection Committee and then nominees are considered eligible to travel on an exchange for two years (or until the nominee turn 41 years old). 

What does ACYPL ask for in the nominee forms?
  • Professional Bio 
  • Resume 
  • Travel availability 
  • Countries of interest for travel 
  • Previous international travel 
  • A one-page personal statement outlining how an ACYPL experience might benefit the nominee professionally and/or personally 
When will I be notified that I have been selected to travel on an exchange?

Nominees are generally contacted 3-5 months prior to the selected exchange, however occasionally invitations are sent less than 3 months in advance. 

Once I am nominated, am I guaranteed an invitation to join a delegation?

No. The Delegate Selection Process is competitive and unfortunately we have more qualified nominees than spots on our exchanges. 

If I am invited to join an exchange but have to decline the invitation, will I be considered for other exchanges?

We understand that nominees have busy schedules that can make joining an exchange challenging, so we will try to identify another opportunity if the first invitation is declined. However, we cannot guarantee that another opportunity will present itself. 

Do I get to choose where I will travel?

No. Together with our Board of Trustees, we identify an exchange that we believe will be a good fit for you based on what your provided to us in your nominee forms. 

Can I travel to a country that I have already visited?

Our goal is to send delegates to a new country so that the delegation can experience it together for the first time. 

Why do I need to submit my passport expiration date?

Due to complex and lengthy approval processes for necessary visas, we recommend you have an active passport that does not expire within two years from submitting your application. If your passport is due to expire sooner, we recommend you begin renewing it as soon as possible. 

Can my spouse, partner, or child travel with me on an ACYPL exchange?

ACYPL does not permit additional travelers to accompany the delegation. However, delegates are welcome to meet up with family or friends upon the conclusion of the formal ACYPL program.