International Fellows


“My fellowship enabled me to meaningfully connect with, not just the people who drive the [US legislative process and governance], but also ordinary American citizens, though conversations with people in the ecosystem and not just learning the mundane texts and documents. An almost perfect legislative and governance system is not an end to itself but it is the people who makes the system work. Most importantly, it serves the citizens in achieving a better nation for all. Making that human connection, with ideological, emotional and physical contact, is the key to a successful and memorable fellowship journey.”
— Mohammad Hanif Abdullah, Spring 2016 Professional Fellow alumnus

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a citizen of Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, or Thailand and have a professional background and project related to the legislative process and governance
  • Between the ages of 25-35
  • Fluent in oral and written English
  • Provide a comprehensive and well-conceived written framework for a project to benefit civil society or governance in your home country
  • Demonstrated commitment to public service
  • Leadership potential in the government, private sector, or civil society
  • Committed to organizing an 7-10 day program in your home country for your American host
  • Committed to becoming an active member in the YSEALI community
  • Cannot hold dual-US citizenship or have traveled on a J-1 visa for a Department of State sponsored program in the past two years

Applications are now closed.