What We Do

ACYPL and our program partners around the world design unique international exchanges for young elected, political, and policy leaders with often divergent points of view to explore common concerns and points of difference.

Each US-based and international exchange provides in-depth exploration of the governance, politics, policy making, bilateral relations, culture, and geographic diversity of the host country.  Participants are provided with opportunities to strengthen their personal leadership and public diplomacy skills and enhance their understanding of international relations.

With financial support from the United States Department of State, corporations, labor unions, foundations, and alumni, ACYPL annually conducts 25-30 programs around the world.

Each ACYPL exchange includes 7-12 young leaders, ages 25-40, and is designed to reflect the broad diversity of the United States.

ACYPL American exchanges begin in the host country’s capital with delegates traveling to 1 or 2 additional locations throughout the 8-14 day program.  Delegates experience the host country’s geographic and cultural diversity as well as examine its national and local government, politics, policy making, and history.

ACYPL international exchanges begin in Washington, DC and then travel to 1 or 2 additional states throughout the 8-14 day program.  Once the delegation leaves Washington, DC, they are hosted by American ACYPL alumni in each state who help us to organize their visit as well as give generously of their time, expertise, and financial support.