Record Your Story

ACYPL has 8,500 alumni around the world and as part of our 50th anniversary celebration, we want to capture as many of your stories as possible. So think back on your exchange, and following the steps below to share some personal and unique stories.

  • Review the below questions. These are the questions we’d like to focus on. What is a distinct memory you have from your exchange? What about your delegation changed your life? If you need help homing in on one story or memory, please feel free to reach out to us and we can help you work through it.
  • Schedule an interview time. Interviews can be done over Skype or in person if you are in the DC area. This will be a short, informal conversation and should only take 15-20 minutes of your time. Please contact ACYPL’s Communications Manager, Alex Rich, at or by calling 202-448-9325 to set up a time.
  • Ask your fellow delegates to participate. We are trying to get as many stories as possible, and we’re relying on our strong alumni network to reach out to as many people as we can. If you know someone from your ACYPL exchange, or a member of a previous delegation, please connect us to them.


To maximize your story’s impact, please address, in 1-2 sentences, the following prompts:

  • Where did you travel?
  • When did you travel?
  • What was the political moment in the country?
  • Did you meet a memorable person? Why?
  • Identify a single memory that sticks with you – sight, sound, touch, smell.
  • From your perspective, what is important about ACYPL? What impact has it had on you?