[US to Australia ’15]: “32 was the best”

In October, the 32nd US delegation to Australia traveled to Sydney, Hobart, Canberra, Cairns, Brisbane for a 15-day exchange to learn about Australian politics and governance. Thanks to our long-time partner, the Australian Political Exchange Council for organizing a great … Continue reading


[US to Turkey ’15] Maggie Mick: “Turkey—The Wall”

  My second ACYPL journey took me to Turkey last month. During a meeting in Ankara, our host asked us, “What does every human desire in this life?” In my American mind, I thought “Love.” He then answered his own question as … Continue reading


[Professional Fellows Program spring ’15] Lia Wulandari: Exploring solutions to challenges in Indonesia

ACYPL brought me to Minnesota during the Professional Fellows Program and I spent my fellowship at the Hennepin County Election Office and met many humble people who are dedicated to their work. I discovered how the political, electoral, and local … Continue reading

Asia Professional Fellows Program Southeast Asia

[US to Australia ’13] Megan Jones: “Connecting Iowans and Australians”

It is no secret I love my home state of Iowa. I came to Australia naïve about the connection my home state would have with this beautiful country. But just a few days into our trip, it was clear: from … Continue reading

Alumni Australia

[Professional Fellows Program spring ’15]: Aushim Merchant: “Redefining my world view”

My Professional Fellows Program (PFP) experience is more than just a cherished memory– it is also a distinct part of who I am today. One of my most recent accomplishments since returning from America is setting up the Mintra Foundation … Continue reading

Alumni Professional Fellows Program

[China to US ’15]: “Preparing young political leaders for continued partnership between the US and China”

In September, six geographically and politically diverse emerging leaders from China joined us in the US for a 10-day exchange trip that took them to DC, Orlando, FL and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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[US to Turkey ’15]: “Building political partnerships in an ancient and modern city”

In early September, six American delegates traveled to Turkey for an 11-day exchange trip to learn about Turkish government, culture and society.

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[Model American Congress ’15]: “Gaining Real-World Experience in US Politics”

In late August, eight Egyptian students joined us in DC for Model American Congress. The program is hosted in partnership with Cairo University to bring high achieving students to the US for a two-week intensive program, including a one-week internship in a Senator’s office or committee office.

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Africa Model American Congress North Africa

[US to Indonesia + Malaysia ’15]: “Building incredible friendships abroad”

In August, seven American delegates traveled to Indonesia and Malaysia for a 10-day exchange trip to the county. While there, they had the opportunity to meet with various high level political officials, ACYPL alumni, and discover the two countries different cultures.

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[US to China ’15] Beth Lewallen: “Exchanges Create A Better World Inside and Outside Our Borders”

On the popular Chinese social media app WeChat, updates shared with friends are entitled “Moments.”  Like Facebook, the “Moments” capture a snapshot of life in China, the thoughts and experiences each user wants to portray.  The term perfectly captures my … Continue reading

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