[US to India ’15] Pete Seat: “Organized Chaos”

Ask an Indian to describe their country and the answer is quick and firm, “organized chaos.” And it’s a description that’s hard to refute. Traffic lanes are guidelines to be ignored as cars, motorcycles, and rickshaws and sometimes people move … Continue reading

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[US to India ’15] Lynlie Wallace: “Seeing India through more than an American lens”

“We’ve been hearing a lot about Diaspora this week. So many well educated Indians have left the country. Do you think the Indian Diaspora is a bad thing?” I posed this question to the translator who accompanied our group to … Continue reading

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[US to India ’15] Tobias Read: “Opportunities start with people-to-people diplomacy”

Even at the end of a record setting month for rain in the Pacific Northwest, I’m aware of how lucky I am to live in a place I love. At the same time, travel can offer important lessons to bring … Continue reading

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[US to India ’15]: “From cow powered rickshaws to parliamentary tours — an epic adventure in India”

In December, a delegation of Americans traveled to India to learn about US-India bilateral relations and the Indian political system.The group met with parliamentary representatives, business leaders, and even attended a traditional Indian wedding!

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Support ACYPL this season!

Through ACYPL, Htoo Kyaw Win got the opportunity to share with President Obama how ACYPL changed his life and work in Myanmar. That’s not the only thing we were given this year. In 2015 we were given… 129 ACYPL delegates on planes … Continue reading


Our Year on Twitter: Top 12 Moments in 2015

We’ve created our very own rendition of the “12 Days of Christmas,” using social media from the past year. For every month this year, we selected one Tweet about our exchanges that earned the highest number of interactions online. From special throwback photos, to meeting President Obama, to exploring new parts of the world, our Tweets have captured the essence of ACYPL and the importance of international bipartisan exchange.

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[Professional Fellows Congress Fall ’15] “Making It Matter: Changing the World One by One”

In November, 240 Professional Fellows from 43 countries and territories participated in the Professional Fellows Congress hosted by ACYPL in Washington, DC. The

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[US to Namibia + Botswana ’15]: “Witnessing political movements driven by youth”

In late October, seven young American leaders traveled to Namibia and Botswana for a 10-day exchange trip. This was the second trip taken by an ACYPL American delegation to Namibia and the first trip to Botswana in 25 years. Continue reading

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[Israel to US ’15]: “Building friendship across the ideological divide”

A group of young leaders from Israel joined us in the US for an 8-day exchange to DC and Colorado, where they discussed common challenges facing their country as well as sharing possible solutions Continue reading

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[US to Hungary + Croatia ’15] Donalyn Dela Cruz: “Admitting Day”

August 21, 2015 marked another Admissions Day in Hawaii. It’s a State recognized holiday that isn’t celebrated due to its storied past. In 1959, when we joined the Union, there was cause for celebration. However, after years of swells of various policies … Continue reading

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