Now accepting applications: summer 2015 internships

ACYPL is now accepting applications for full or part-time internships for the summer 2015 semester. Start and end dates are flexible and all internships are located in our Washington, DC office. ACYPL offers interns an opportunity to work on a … Continue reading


[Alumni Reflection] Brad Meehan: “A reunion with old friends”

I worked for ACYPL as a program officer from 2009-2013; during that time, I was able to work with delegations from around the world, enabling me to gain many friends. I stay in touch with many of these alumni via … Continue reading

Alumni Southeast Asia

[Pro Fellows '15] American mentors to Myanmar

In January, American mentors Rick Smotkin and Cass Burton journeyed to Myanmar to meet with professional fellows as a part of their follow-on trip to the fellows’ 2014 exchanges.

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[Pro Fellows '15] American mentor to the Philippines

In January, our professional fellows American mentor, Toni Panetta, traveled to the Philippines as a part of her follow-on trip. While there, she shadowed her three Filipino pro fellows, and worked with them to solidify the components of the projects’ they began in the US.

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Professional Fellows Program Southeast Asia

[Turkey to US '15]: Welcome to the Rockies

For our first program of 2015, five delegates from Turkey traveled to the US as a part of a 7-day exchange trip.

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[US to Vietnam + Myanmar '14] Emily Cushman: Two countries, “a world apart”

  Our delegation had many impactful meetings during our time in Vietnam, but one in particular stood out to me as the most memorable. Part of our exchange included a visit to the Vietnam Friendship Village, a residential facility located in … Continue reading

Delegate Stories Southeast Asia

[PFP in Myanmar] Linda Rotunno: A Special Request

  A week before our departure for Myanmar, Mindy Walker, our amazing in-country partner, emailed ACYPL alumni Rick Smotkin, Cass Burton and me with a special request – BRING BOOKS. Books are prized possessions in Myanmar, and access to them … Continue reading

Delegate Stories Professional Fellows Program Southeast Asia

[PFP American mentor '14] Cass Burton: “The role of democracy—a sit-down with Aung Saan Suu Kyi”

Last week Cass Burton, our fall 2014 pro fellows American mentor, got the amazing opportunity to sit down with Aung San Suu Kyi, chairperson of the National League for Democracy, while in Myanmar for his follow-on trip. He discussed the role of … Continue reading

Professional Fellows Program Southeast Asia

[Turkey to US '15 Preview] Mehves Evin: “How to maximize your acypl experience”

Many of the international or Turkish delegates will have visited the US before their ACYPL exchange, but this particular exchange trip will mark a very special time in your life. For those who are visiting the US for the first … Continue reading

Alumni Delegate Stories

[US to El Salvador & Nicaragua '08]: Adam Probolsky: Flexibility is Key

In 2008 I traveled to Nicaragua and El Salvador with ACYPL. The group of people I traveled with were definitely the highlight of the trip, but a very close second was being on the evening news, through no fault of … Continue reading

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