[Active Citizen Summit 2.0] Small moments, big impact

This year’s Active Citizen Summit 2.0 unites 18 young social entrepreneurs—one from every Middle Eastern and North African country and the Palestinian territories—to Chicago and DC for a three-week program. In the months leading up to the exchange, I was … Continue reading

Active Citizen Summit Middle East North Africa

Active Citizen Summit 2.0 kicks off today

In partnership with the State Department, Bureau of Near East Affairs we are pleased to welcome 18 young leaders from across the Middle East and North Africa to Chicago for the Active Citizen Summit 2.0. The Summit will incorporate unique opportunities … Continue reading

Active Citizen Summit Middle East North Africa

Congrats to our new Board leadership

Board elections were held yesterday and we have a new President and Chair!  Stacie Fujii (Egypt ’05, Thailand ’08) was elected President and Rick Smotkin (Jordan ’09, Sri Lanka and Nepal ’12) was elected Chair.  We also welcomed Jason Matthews … Continue reading

ACYPL Recent News

[Alumni news] Historic meeting between Mahmoud Abbas and young Israelis organized by Hilik Bar MK

  Hilik Bar visited the US on his ACYPL exchange in June 2001 as Chairman of the National Student Organization-Israeli Labor Party, and since that visit he has risen through the ranks to become the Secretary General of the Labor Party, … Continue reading

Alumni Middle East

2014 Professional Fellows Program

ACYPL is excited to announce that applications are now open for the 2014 Professional Fellows Legislative Process and Governance Program. We are looking for political, policy, and civil society leaders, between the ages of 25 and 40, from the Philippines, … Continue reading


[US to India 2013] Mat Erpelding: The “Ah-ha” Moment

    Our last delegation of the 2013 visited India, and Idaho State Representative Mat Erpelding blogged about the connections he saw between both countries. Deeksha– ACYPL Experiential Learning

ACYPL South Asia

[US to the Philippines & Malaysia 2013] Matt Summy: Trying to capture the experience in words

Meaningful connections are rare, which is why we value them so much when then happen. As a member of the delegation to the Philippines and Malaysia, we had so many meaningful connections that I remain in a virtual state of … Continue reading


[US to Australia 2013] Donovan Dela Cruz on the intersection of public space and natural beauty

To describe Australia’s landscape as beautiful and diverse– and being from Hawaii I know beautiful and diverse when I see it—would be a huge understatement. But what is unique about Australia is its commitment to ensure a modern infrastructure and … Continue reading

ACYPL Australia

[US to the Philippines and Malaysia 2013] Katie Koupal on expectations

“Have fun and expect the unexpected,” were the departing remarks our delegation finished our briefings in DC and headed to Manila. Glancing down at our jam-packed schedule, I left thinking, “no way, we won’t have time for surprises,” but 36 … Continue reading


[US to the Philippines & Malaysia 2013] Steve Schale: “The Philippines in a colorful place..”

Steve is live-blogging the delegation’s travels over at his website http://steveschale.com/  Check in on their experience so far: Welcome to Manila An Amazing Country Steve Schale is the President of Schale Communications in Tallahassee, Florida.