[US Vets to Japan 2013] Dan Murray: Asking the Right Questions

While on the long flight home from an amazing two-week journey in Japan, I repeatedly asked myself, “What should I do with the immeasurable gifts of friendship, experiences and knowledge that I just received and how can I take the … Continue reading

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[US Vets to Japan] Aileen Kenney: A Tale of Two Countries

I was going to write this post while I was in Japan with my fellow veterans, but I purposefully avoided email and news from home, and did not log into my computer. While we were proudly traveling as representatives of … Continue reading

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[US Veterans to Australia 2012] Blair Milo on the Vets Program in Australia

ACYPL had a really exciting first this year: a program focused entirely on military veterans in political careers. Six of our best and brightest took part, traveling to Australia on one of ACYPL’s most established and robust programs. Here’s delegate … Continue reading

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