[US to Brazil ’17] Tim Shaw: “Brazil is a critical country”

We had a terrific experience visiting Brazil! I learned if you took the 10 largest countries by population, the 10 largest countries by land area, and the 10 largest economies in the world there would only be 3 countries on … Continue reading

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[Alumni Reflection] Carolina Basualdo: Panchos and Politics in DC and Colorado

I traveled to USA in 2014 six colleagues from Argentina, all invited by ACPYL and Fundacion Universitaria Rio de la Plata (FURP). We participated in a program that included visits to Washington, DC, Denver and Colorado Springs. It was a … Continue reading

South America

[US to Argentina ’15] Andrew Kovalcin: “11 Things You Should Know About Argentina”

  One might think of Argentina as just another country in South America but it’s much more than that. Aside from the beautiful landscape and the acclaimed wines, there’s much more complexity and depth to the country and its people. … Continue reading

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[US to Argentina ’15:] “Building understanding and partnership with Argentinian friends”

This year marked our 30th anniversary of exchanges with Argentina, and for 12 days, our 7-member American delegation met with local officials, business and university representatives, explored Buenos Aires and Tucumán, and much more.

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South America

[US to Argentina] Crystal Clark: What I Learned When I Threw Out My To-Do List

You get the call and you are excited, nervous and overwhelmed simultaneously. ACYPL just called and invited you to be part of a delegation to a country you’ve never visited. Being a planner and list maker by nature, I began to … Continue reading

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