[Northern Ireland to US ’15]: “Building transatlantic relationships from Northern Ireland to the US”

In March, 7 Northern Irish policy leaders and elected officials journeyed to the US for an 8-day exchange trip to DC and Boston to learn about the US governance system and develop new transatlantic relationships.

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[Northern Ireland to US ’15 Preview] Chanelle Hardy: 50 years later, an injustice anywhere is still, well, everywhere

Reflecting on my trip to Northern Ireland last summer, I realized the Northern Irish, too, had a reason to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Looking me directly in the eye, my guide on a … Continue reading

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[US to Northern Ireland 2014] Drew Heath: A “Black Cab Tour” in Northern Ireland

We had just begun our black cab tour of Belfast, and as we were leaving our hotel in the city’s center our first stop was just a few blocks away at a condo building that looked rather ordinary, but held … Continue reading

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