[Alumni news] Historic meeting between Mahmoud Abbas and young Israelis organized by Hilik Bar MK

  Hilik Bar visited the US on his ACYPL exchange in June 2001 as Chairman of the National Student Organization-Israeli Labor Party, and since that visit he has risen through the ranks to become the Secretary General of the Labor Party, … Continue reading

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[Active Citizen Summit 2012 update] Regional Expansion of the Youth Company

Nacim Filali, one of the participants from our 2012 Active Citizen Summit, continues to grow the Algerian expansion of the Youth Company. Through connections made during ACS, The Youth Company expanded regionally from Qatar to Morocco and Algeria, which was … Continue reading

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[Model American Congress] Why Investing in Students Matters

The Model American Congress is the one outlier on ACYPL’s program calendar. It’s aimed not at political leaders aged 25-40, but rather at college students from Egypt who take part in a simulated version of our legislative branch, similar to … Continue reading

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[Active Citizen Summit 2012 update] The fruits of her labor

We just heard from the US Embassy in Kuwait, that one of the participants from the Active Citizen Summit 2012, Budour al-Qassar, is launching the first farmer’s market in Kuwait starting in November.  This was a plan that Budour had proposed … Continue reading

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[Israel to US] Eli Hazan: The Strength of ACYPL Is In The Connections They Build

Until the fall of the Soviet Union and the acceleration of globalization, the countries of the Western world had good relations with one another, but few were truly united. The uniting of these countries in the wake of the Cold … Continue reading

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[Israel to US] Aviad Cohen: What American Democracy Means to an Israeli Citizen

Last June, I had the privilege of taking part in an ACYPL delegation to the United-States. The visit more than fulfilled my expectations. I was inspired by my encounter with American democracy.  I had expected to meet interesting people, but what I … Continue reading

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Jay Footlik and Rick Smotkin Lead Panel at Kuwait University

On a recent trip to Kuwait, ACYPL Board of Trustees members Jay Footlik and Rick Smotkin sat down for a panel discussion on a range of topics at Kuwait University. Jay, who is CEO of the policy consultancy Global Policy … Continue reading

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Active Citizens Summit 2012

ACYPL is excited to announce that we have been selected by the US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to conduct an Active Citizen Summit for 54 participants from the Middle East and North Africa, as well … Continue reading

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[US to Israel and Palestinian Territories 2012] Noelani Sallings

Today’s post comes from US to West Bank and Israel delegate Noelani Sallings, who is President of Democratic Activists for Women Now (DAWN). I have a deep affection for both the Palestinian people and the Israeli people.  As I sit … Continue reading

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[US to Israel and Palestinian Territories 2012] Clay Middleton on the Peace Process in Israel and the Palestinian Territories

Today’s post comes from Clay Middleton of ACYPL’s recent US to West Bank and Israel 2012 program. Clay is Associate Director of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships for the Corporation for National and Community Service. Enlightening the minds of those who … Continue reading

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