[Alumni Reflection] Clay Middleton: “Building tolerance and increasing understanding”

  Being selected as a delegate to the West Bank and Israel in 2012 with the ACYPL provided me with great exposure to a culture and perspective that can best be appreciated in the flesh. The experience challenged my beliefs … Continue reading

Alumni Delegate Stories Middle East

[US to China ’15] Lauren McLean: “Saying Goodbye”

We have said good-bye to Zhou, who over the course of two weeks has become a friend I hope to see again. He showed us his country, joined in conversation with us, shared stories with us, and even experienced new … Continue reading

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[US to China ’15] Lauren McLean: “In the Hutongs”

I thought I might be alone when hitting the streets at 5 a.m. for a run today. Instead I find them filled with people, children, bikes, scooters and cars. In the Hutongs, people buy and sell dumplings from storefronts and … Continue reading

Asia Delegate Stories East Asia

[US to Vietnam + Myanmar ’14] Emily Cushman: Two countries, “a world apart”

  Our delegation had many impactful meetings during our time in Vietnam, but one in particular stood out to me as the most memorable. Part of our exchange included a visit to the Vietnam Friendship Village, a residential facility located in … Continue reading

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[PFP in Myanmar] Linda Rotunno: A Special Request

  A week before our departure for Myanmar, Mindy Walker, our amazing in-country partner, emailed ACYPL alumni Rick Smotkin, Cass Burton and me with a special request – BRING BOOKS. Books are prized possessions in Myanmar, and access to them … Continue reading

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[Turkey to US ’15 Preview] Mehves Evin: “How to maximize your acypl experience”

Many of the international or Turkish delegates will have visited the US before their ACYPL exchange, but this particular exchange trip will mark a very special time in your life. For those who are visiting the US for the first … Continue reading

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[US to Palestinian Territories, Israel + Jordan ’14] Mandy Wright: “Going away brings you closer to home”

Being chosen as a delegate for ‪#‎acyplMENA is an incredible honor. We have been to Palestine and Israel and headed to Jordan a few days ago. My purpose here besides serving as an ambassador is to learn. What an incredible opportunity this … Continue reading

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[US to Vietnam + Myanmar ’14]: Erin Van Sickle: Vietnam is full of contradictions

When I reflect on the time our delegation spent in Hanoi, I realize we have only gained an idea of the exceptionally complex political and policy-making process in Vietnam. Our perceptions of the country changed with each new person we met, … Continue reading

Asia Delegate Stories Southeast Asia

[US Elections Exchange ’14] Linda Rotunno: What counts on Election Day?

Paul Tully, the brilliant political operative, used to remind us every day at the DNC…”Nothing counts but what happens on Election Day.” I have worked in Democratic politics most of my adult life. I know what a successful campaign feels … Continue reading

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[US to Vietnam + Myanmar ’14] Erin Van Sickle: What is the VFF?

  On our first day in Hanoi, our delegation met with Mr. Nguyen Van Pha, the vice president of foreign affairs for the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF).  As we began discussing the VFF, Mr. Nguyen noted several times throughout our … Continue reading

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