[US to India ’15] Pete Seat: “Organized Chaos”

Ask an Indian to describe their country and the answer is quick and firm, “organized chaos.” And it’s a description that’s hard to refute. Traffic lanes are guidelines to be ignored as cars, motorcycles, and rickshaws and sometimes people move … Continue reading

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[US to India ’15] Lynlie Wallace: “Seeing India through more than an American lens”

“We’ve been hearing a lot about Diaspora this week. So many well educated Indians have left the country. Do you think the Indian Diaspora is a bad thing?” I posed this question to the translator who accompanied our group to … Continue reading

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[US to India ’15] Tobias Read: “Opportunities start with people-to-people diplomacy”

Even at the end of a record setting month for rain in the Pacific Northwest, I’m aware of how lucky I am to live in a place I love. At the same time, travel can offer important lessons to bring … Continue reading

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[US to India ’15]: “From cow powered rickshaws to parliamentary tours — an epic adventure in India”

In December, a delegation of Americans traveled to India to learn about US-India bilateral relations and the Indian political system.The group met with parliamentary representatives, business leaders, and even attended a traditional Indian wedding!

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[Professional Fellows Congress spring ’15]: “Making It Matter: Changing the World One by One”

In early June, ACYPL hosted 215+ emerging leaders from 44 countries for the spring 2015 Professional Fellows Congress in Washington, DC. The week-long event included workshops, panel discussions, and professional trainings for all the young professionals.

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[US Elections Exchange ’14]: They Came, They Saw, They Observed

Delegates from 7 countries—Australia, Bulgaria, France, India, Italy, Pakistan, and Romania—joined ACYPL for our 2014 US Elections Exchange program to observe the midterm elections unfold. View the story “[US Elections Exchange ’14]: Pre + Post Election” on Storify

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[US to India 2013] Mat Erpelding: The “Ah-ha” Moment

    Our last delegation of the 2013 visited India, and Idaho State Representative Mat Erpelding blogged about the connections he saw between both countries. Deeksha– ACYPL Experiential Learning

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[US to Sri Lanka and Nepal 2012] Kyle Hybl on the “Flight to Dubai Incident”

This post brought to you by Kyle Hybl, delegate in our current Sri Lanka/Nepal program. As always, his views are his alone. Just over one week ago today, seven young political leaders gathered under the auspices of the American Council … Continue reading

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[US to Sri Lanka and Nepal 2012] Ashley Holbrook on Sri Lanka

Today’s post comes from Sri Lanka/Nepal delegate Ashley Holbrook. As always, her views are hers alone. It’s 1:30am and we’re saying our final goodbyes to Sri Lanka. These incredibly warm people have opened their homes, their hearts, and even their … Continue reading

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Howie Howard on Political Divisions

  Today’s post also comes from Vermont Rep. Adam “Howie” Howard, a delegate on our 2012 Sri Lanka/Nepal program. We reiterate that all delegates’ views are their own and are not representative of ACYPL. The Diaspora Divide Sri Lanka Part … Continue reading

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