Professional Fellows Program Alumni Impact Award 2018

The U.S. Department of State is pleased to announce applications are open for the 2018 Professional Fellows Program Alumni Impact Award (AIA). The AIA recognizes exceptional contributions made by Professional Fellows Program (PFP) alumni to their communities. The Professional Fellows … Continue reading

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[Alumni Reflection] Colmon Elridge: “I left a chunk of my heart with the people of Tunisia”

As a kid who grew up in rural Kentucky, sometimes homeless and consistently poor, I never thought I would have the opportunity to travel within the United States, let alone, internationally. But I dreamed. When I received the call that … Continue reading

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[Alumni Reflection] Holly Chisa: Ancient Country at a Modern Crossroads

The moment I knew we were somewhere different came at dinner about a week into our exchange.  We were eating in a small room in the back of a hookah bar. There were platters and chaffing dishes full of food … Continue reading

Alumni North Africa

[Alumni Reflection] Katie Loovis: “Your head might hurt, but your heart will be full”

  Complex. That’s how I often describe Israel and the West Bank. There are religious, political, economic, geographic, cultural, and social layers that make me believe this is probably the most complex place on earth, and also one of the … Continue reading

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[Alumni Reflection] Clay Middleton: “Building tolerance and increasing understanding”

  Being selected as a delegate to the West Bank and Israel in 2012 with the ACYPL provided me with great exposure to a culture and perspective that can best be appreciated in the flesh. The experience challenged my beliefs … Continue reading

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Support ACYPL this season!

Through ACYPL, Htoo Kyaw Win got the opportunity to share with President Obama how ACYPL changed his life and work in Myanmar. That’s not the only thing we were given this year. In 2015 we were given… 129 ACYPL delegates on planes … Continue reading


[US to Hungary + Croatia ’15] Donalyn Dela Cruz: “Admitting Day”

August 21, 2015 marked another Admissions Day in Hawaii. It’s a State recognized holiday that isn’t celebrated due to its storied past. In 1959, when we joined the Union, there was cause for celebration. However, after years of swells of various policies … Continue reading

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[US to Argentina ’15] Andrew Kovalcin: “11 Things You Should Know About Argentina”

  One might think of Argentina as just another country in South America but it’s much more than that. Aside from the beautiful landscape and the acclaimed wines, there’s much more complexity and depth to the country and its people. … Continue reading

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[US to Australia ’13] Megan Jones: “Connecting Iowans and Australians”

It is no secret I love my home state of Iowa. I came to Australia naïve about the connection my home state would have with this beautiful country. But just a few days into our trip, it was clear: from … Continue reading

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[Professional Fellows Program spring ’15]: Aushim Merchant: “Redefining my world view”

My Professional Fellows Program (PFP) experience is more than just a cherished memory– it is also a distinct part of who I am today. One of my most recent accomplishments since returning from America is setting up the Mintra Foundation … Continue reading

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