[US to Namibia + Botswana ’15]: “Witnessing political movements driven by youth”

In late October, seven young American leaders traveled to Namibia and Botswana for a 10-day exchange trip. This was the second trip taken by an ACYPL American delegation to Namibia and the first trip to Botswana in 25 years. Continue reading

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[Professional Fellows Congress spring ’15]: “Making It Matter: Changing the World One by One”

In early June, ACYPL hosted 215+ emerging leaders from 44 countries for the spring 2015 Professional Fellows Congress in Washington, DC. The week-long event included workshops, panel discussions, and professional trainings for all the young professionals.

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[Alumni Reflection] Erin Conwell: “Trevor Noah, Ferguson, and Cape Town”

Recently, it was announced that Trevor Noah, a South African comedian, would take over for Jon Stewart as the host of The Daily Show. Trevor first appeared on the Daily Show in January 2015, where within his first minute, he … Continue reading

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[US to Ghana + South Africa ’14]: 6 airports, 5 cities, 14 days

On November, 7 American delegates journeyed to Ghana and South Africa to participate in a 14-day international exchange to learn about Ghanaian and South African politics, governance, and culture. It was quite a trip!

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[US to South Africa 2012] South Africa: ANC, Corruption, and Bitter Rivalries

Today’s post comes from Beth Lewallen, a delegate on ACYPL’s US to South Africa and Namibia 2012 Program. Cape Town voters are the rebels of South Africa.  In a nation of those overwhelmingly devoted to the political party that fought … Continue reading

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