From Johor, the Home of the Southern Tigers to Chicago, the City of Cubs

From Johor; the Home of the Southern Tigers to Chicago; the City of Cubs Reflections on my fellowship experience at the John Marshall Law School, Chicago. In April 2017, I was selected by American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) … Continue reading

Professional Fellows Program

[US to Brazil ’17] Tim Shaw: “Brazil is a critical country”

We had a terrific experience visiting Brazil! I learned if you took the 10 largest countries by population, the 10 largest countries by land area, and the 10 largest economies in the world there would only be 3 countries on … Continue reading

South America

[Alumni Reflection] Carolina Basualdo: Panchos and Politics in DC and Colorado

I traveled to USA in 2014 six colleagues from Argentina, all invited by ACPYL and Fundacion Universitaria Rio de la Plata (FURP). We participated in a program that included visits to Washington, DC, Denver and Colorado Springs. It was a … Continue reading

South America