[Alumni Reflection] Alena Popova: “I have used many techniques that I saw in US”

I know about elections firsthand. At the time of the 2012 Elections Exchange program, I already had taken part as a candidate in the 2011 Russian Parliamentary elections. This exchange program was not just an overview tour for me; I … Continue reading


[Alumni Reflection] Colmon Elridge: “I left a chunk of my heart with the people of Tunisia”

As a kid who grew up in rural Kentucky, sometimes homeless and consistently poor, I never thought I would have the opportunity to travel within the United States, let alone, internationally. But I dreamed. When I received the call that … Continue reading

Alumni North Africa

[Alumni Reflection] Holly Chisa: Ancient Country at a Modern Crossroads

The moment I knew we were somewhere different came at dinner about a week into our exchange.  We were eating in a small room in the back of a hookah bar. There were platters and chaffing dishes full of food … Continue reading

Alumni North Africa

[Alumni Reflection] Katie Loovis: “Your head might hurt, but your heart will be full”

  Complex. That’s how I often describe Israel and the West Bank. There are religious, political, economic, geographic, cultural, and social layers that make me believe this is probably the most complex place on earth, and also one of the … Continue reading

Alumni Middle East

[Alumni Reflection] Clay Middleton: “Building tolerance and increasing understanding”

  Being selected as a delegate to the West Bank and Israel in 2012 with the ACYPL provided me with great exposure to a culture and perspective that can best be appreciated in the flesh. The experience challenged my beliefs … Continue reading

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[US to India ’15] Pete Seat: “Organized Chaos”

Ask an Indian to describe their country and the answer is quick and firm, “organized chaos.” And it’s a description that’s hard to refute. Traffic lanes are guidelines to be ignored as cars, motorcycles, and rickshaws and sometimes people move … Continue reading

Asia South Asia

[US to India ’15] Lynlie Wallace: “Seeing India through more than an American lens”

“We’ve been hearing a lot about Diaspora this week. So many well educated Indians have left the country. Do you think the Indian Diaspora is a bad thing?” I posed this question to the translator who accompanied our group to … Continue reading

Asia South Asia

[US to India ’15] Tobias Read: “Opportunities start with people-to-people diplomacy”

Even at the end of a record setting month for rain in the Pacific Northwest, I’m aware of how lucky I am to live in a place I love. At the same time, travel can offer important lessons to bring … Continue reading

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