[US to Australia 2013] Donovan Dela Cruz on the intersection of public space and natural beauty

To describe Australia’s landscape as beautiful and diverse– and being from Hawaii I know beautiful and diverse when I see it—would be a huge understatement. But what is unique about Australia is its commitment to ensure a modern infrastructure and … Continue reading

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[US to the Philippines and Malaysia 2013] Katie Koupal on expectations

“Have fun and expect the unexpected,” were the departing remarks our delegation finished our briefings in DC and headed to Manila. Glancing down at our jam-packed schedule, I left thinking, “no way, we won’t have time for surprises,” but 36 … Continue reading


[US to the Philippines & Malaysia 2013] Steve Schale: “The Philippines in a colorful place..”

Steve is live-blogging the delegation’s travels over at his website http://steveschale.com/  Check in on their experience so far: Welcome to Manila An Amazing Country Steve Schale is the President of Schale Communications in Tallahassee, Florida.  


[US to Australia 2013] Megan Hess: A New, Global Perspective of Home

It is no secret I love my home state of Iowa. I came to Australia naïve about the connection my home state would have with this beautiful nation. Just a few days into our trip, it was clear: from producers … Continue reading

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[Active Citizen Summit 2012 update] Regional Expansion of the Youth Company

Nacim Filali, one of the participants from our 2012 Active Citizen Summit, continues to grow the Algerian expansion of the Youth Company. Through connections made during ACS, The Youth Company expanded regionally from Qatar to Morocco and Algeria, which was … Continue reading

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[US Vets to Japan 2013] Dan Murray: Asking the Right Questions

While on the long flight home from an amazing two-week journey in Japan, I repeatedly asked myself, “What should I do with the immeasurable gifts of friendship, experiences and knowledge that I just received and how can I take the … Continue reading

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[Model American Congress] Why Investing in Students Matters

The Model American Congress is the one outlier on ACYPL’s program calendar. It’s aimed not at political leaders aged 25-40, but rather at college students from Egypt who take part in a simulated version of our legislative branch, similar to … Continue reading

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[US Vets to Japan] Aileen Kenney: A Tale of Two Countries

I was going to write this post while I was in Japan with my fellow veterans, but I purposefully avoided email and news from home, and did not log into my computer. While we were proudly traveling as representatives of … Continue reading

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[Alumni News] Senator Durbin: Finding his roots

On September 24th, Senator Dick Durbin (ACYPL alumnus to USSR 1978) was 2013 Charles T. Manatt Democracy Award from the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES).  Our CEO Linda Rotunno was at that dinner and heard Senator Durbin share this story about … Continue reading

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[Active Citizen Summit 2012 update] The fruits of her labor

We just heard from the US Embassy in Kuwait, that one of the participants from the Active Citizen Summit 2012, Budour al-Qassar, is launching the first farmer’s market in Kuwait starting in November.  This was a plan that Budour had proposed … Continue reading

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