[US to Lower Mekong 2012] Shannon McMahon on Healing a Country in Need

When I received the call to be an ACYPL delegate to Vietnam and Thailand, the two areas I knew would be top of mind for me would be leadership and health care policy, due in large measure to my current … Continue reading

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[US to Lower Mekong 2012] Zoe Richmond on Vietnam and her father’s legacy

I am very honored to have been selected as an ACYPL delegate, but being able to visit Vietnam is beyond and opportunity for me, it carries very special personal significance. My father fought in the war, and was near DaNag … Continue reading

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ACYPL Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2013 Interns

ACYPL is now accepting applications for internships for summer 2013. Internships can be full- or part-time and offer candidates an opportunity to work on a variety of tasks with all members of our dynamic team, including our communications, development, outreach, … Continue reading

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[Active Citizen Summit 2012] ACS Delegates Have a Terrible Life

ACYPL is currently underway with our Active Citizen Summit, which has taken over 50 delegates from around the Middle East and North Africa to San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Raleigh-Durham. We just got word of the horrible conditions that … Continue reading

Active Citizen Summit

Jay Footlik and Rick Smotkin Lead Panel at Kuwait University

On a recent trip to Kuwait, ACYPL Board of Trustees members Jay Footlik and Rick Smotkin sat down for a panel discussion on a range of topics at Kuwait University. Jay, who is CEO of the policy consultancy Global Policy … Continue reading

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[US to South Africa 2012] South Africa: ANC, Corruption, and Bitter Rivalries

Today’s post comes from Beth Lewallen, a delegate on ACYPL’s US to South Africa and Namibia 2012 Program. Cape Town voters are the rebels of South Africa.  In a nation of those overwhelmingly devoted to the political party that fought … Continue reading

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Active Citizens Summit 2012

ACYPL is excited to announce that we have been selected by the US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to conduct an Active Citizen Summit for 54 participants from the Middle East and North Africa, as well … Continue reading

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[US to Poland 2001] Looking Back at Poland 2001

In 2001, ACYPL sent a delegation to Hungary and Poland.  It was an exciting time to be in the former Soviet Union and our delegation of eight young political leaders were inspired and found their time spent together transformative.  The … Continue reading


[US to El Salvador and Guatemala 2012] Rachel Hoff on the Youth of Guatemala

Guatemala has a rich heritage in every aspect — from its culture and history to its people and politics. One of the themes that emerged during many of our meetings was the important role of Guatemala’s young people in shaping … Continue reading

Central America

[US to El Salvador and Guatemala 2012] Mike Inganamort on El Salvador’s Potential

It wasn’t long after our wheels touched the runway that we realized El Salvador is a country filled with contrasts.  Brimming with potential, occasionally gripped by violent crime, and most recently stymied by a Constitutional crisis that has taken center … Continue reading

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