Alumni State Leaders
Matt Summy
Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs, Comcast
2010 ACYPL to Taiwan
2013 Escort, ACYPL to the Philippines and Malaysia

Joseph Jones
Executive Director, The Harkin Institute for Public Policy and Citizen Engagement
2007 ACYPL to India and Pakistan
2013 ACYPL Richardson Training Center to Myanmar
2014 Escort, ACYPL to Israel, Palestinian Territories, and Jordan
Stephanie Sharp Bruyn
Communications and Social Media Consultant
2003 ACYPL to China
2005 ACYPL Women’s Democracy Conference, Indonesia
2009 ACYPL to China, 30th Anniversary Delegation
Nathan Mick
Vice President, StateBook International
2009 ACYPL to Australia
2012 ACYPL to Lower Mekong
Jon Cardin
2005 ACYPL to Morocco
2007 Escort, ACYPL to Vietnam
Joe Dorman
2005 ACYPL to South Korea
2008 Escort, ACYPL to El Salvador & Nicaragua
Bret Perkins
Vice President, External and Government Affairs, Comcast
2009 ACYPL to Egypt
2011 ACYPL Middle East Summit, Jordan
2013 Escort, ACYPL to New Zealand
Cass Burton
Attorney, Burton & Hyde, P.L.L.C.
2008 ACYPL to Palestinian Territories and Israel
2011 Escort, ACYPL to New Zealand
2014 ACYPL Professional Fellows Host and Delegate to Myanmar
The Honorable Keith Grover
Member, Utah House of Representatives
2009 ACYPL to India
Courtney Malveaux
Director, ThompsonMcMullan PC
2004 ACYPL to South Africa